Commerce and common sense are often at odds.  Unfortunately, commerce wins if cost comes into play.  So cheap, stupid things can be found everywhere because they are so cheap that people buy them without thinking.  But not always.

      Here are seven cheap items we embraced for awhile, then thought better.  Not fads that came and went.  Not things we used for awhile and then upgraded, just things that made us say, "Nah, that's just stupid.  Don't need one.” (NOTE:  Thanks to The Attic’s Facebook friends for adding to the list.)

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1.  GENERIC BRAND LABELS - In the 1980s, as shopping shifted into high gear, supermarkets got the genius idea of offering products without the usual promo labels.  Cans of beans labeled “BEANS.”  Potato chips labeled “POTATO CHIPS.”  Shopping was never so exciting!


hair curlers.jpg





2. HAIR CURLERS AND HOME PERMANENTS — Hair is still curled but women wised up and said “no” to curlers worn to bed and to home permanents that burned scalps and stunk up the house.









3.  CAR WINDOW GARFIELDS — Okay, maybe a fad but what else have you seen in car windows to replace those grinning Garfields that every other car had in the early 90s?  That means sometime during the decade millions of sober Americans said, "Well, guess it's time to take the Garfield out of the window."


4.  THE AUTOMAT — New Yorkers of a certain age remember when a chain of Automats let you slip in a quarter, open a window, and pull out a piece of pie or a hot dog.  Automation at its worst, and it’s GONE.  The last one closed in 1991.


5.  SYLVESTER STALLONE — Just kidding.  He’s still with us somehow.





shick lather.jpg



6.  HOT LATHER DISPENSERS — Guys may recall when you could buy a heating device, stick your shaving cream can in it, plug in and PRESTO!  Hot lather!  Not sure what happened to this other than boredom.  You can still buy one on Amazon, but really???







electric knife.jpg



7.  ELECTRIC KNIVES — Each Thanksgiving for several years, the turkey was delicately carved by the electric knife.  Two blades sliding against each other made for a smooth slice, so long as you didn’t cut through the cord.  Yes, they are still around.  Old habits die hard.



There must be others.  (Remember — not fads, not upgrades or items replaced by better technology.) Add yours below.



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