Welcome to The Attic

“We still need attics for those pieces of the past we find it hard to discard altogether.”

— Margaret Mead



The Attic offers true stories for a kinder, cooler America.  Here you’ll find common ground, not more minefields.  Updated weekly, The Attic features American originals, funny folks, artists, writers, dreamers, and more.  Reading The Attic, you'll meet Margaret Mead or Rebecca Solnit one week, remember Ogden Nash or the movie "Network" the next.  You’ll travel to American places — Cadillac Ranch, Burning Man, the Grand Coulee Dam — and sample lists of American sights, myths, books, and other surprises. Like Walt Whitman, you will hear America singing.  But you will also hear America thinking, planning, dreaming...

Time was when magazines I wrote for, Smithsonian and American Heritage, explored this space.  But screens have silenced kinder, cooler Americans.  The result is a nation of angry, shrill voices.  If you are sick of the anger, join me in The Attic. 

The Attic does not suggest where America should be headed;  it only captures the human interest of being American.  The question is as old as the nation.  In 1782, Letters from an American Farmer asked, "What then is this new thing, this American?"   Answers from The Attic will surprise you.