1. THE ATTIC WINDOW — Now open, this weekly feature links The Attic to photos, video, music, websites — anyone or thing searching for that kinder, cooler America. 

2. THEMES — In the spirit of November’s Food Month, The Attic will offer 2-3 month-long themes.  The first will be #1 above.  Then watch for Loners — Americans whose love of  solitude helped them sculpt American selfhood.   And then (pick one) Waters, Numbers, American Love Stories. . .

3. ATTIC ON THE PLAINS — Though postponed by the federal shutdown, The Attic will be visiting. . . (wait for it) South Dakota!  Why?  Because it’s there, it’s American, and it’s one of three states I’ve never been to.  Driving around, meeting the locals, freezing my attic-ass, The Attic will send dispatches from the Plains.  Bundle up.

4.   MUSIC — The Attic’s “I Hear America Singing” section still has songs from Surf City, Shenandoah, Elizabeth Cotten, and more.  But it’s been quiet lately.  In 2019, listen for music tied to articles on jazz’s “Great Day in Harlem,” jug band music, an appreciation of Frank Zappa and more.

5.  SURPRISES — If I can figure out how to link a creaky old Attic to the latest tech, you may never know what will pop up when you’re rummaging.

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