“Jambalaya, crawfish pie, and file gumbo. . .”


  These days American food is named for what’s in it.  Salmon with capers.  Mac and cheese.  BLT. But just as American place names once strutted their stuff, America’s cuisine has its colorful creations.  Dig in.

1. Jambalaya — Take the Spanish seafood-rice dish paella, spice it up, send it to New Orleans and let Hank Williams make it famous.  Son of a gun, gonna have big fun. . .

2. Hush Puppies:  Corn meal, rolled into a ball and deep-fried, turned out to be just the thing to get a barking dog to be quiet.

3. Garbage plate:  In Rochester, NY, they serve this layered dish with baked beans or mac and cheese as base, topped by fries, and your choice of chicken, hamburger, hot dog, or eggs.  Warning:  Garbage in, garbage out. 

Shoofly pie.jpg

4. Shoo Fly Pie —A molasses crumb cake from Pennsylvania Dutch country.  Made famous in an old song “Shoofly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy.”

5. S’mores — Must have been a kid who named them because, as every kid knows, they “taste so good you want. . .”

6. Sonafabitch stew — Cowboys named this one because it contains parts of the cow you’d only eat if you were desperate.  Brains, tongue, heart, marrow. . . Son of a bitch!


7. Muffuletta — Another New Orleans specialty, kind of like a Po’ boy topped with antipasto — coldcuts and olives, swiss cheese and more.

8. Rocky Mountain Oysters — Bulls’ balls. ‘Nuff said.

9. Hangtown Fry — Legend in California gold country has it that this omelet, stuffed with panfried oysters, was a favorite in a town known for hanging three rustlers. So you see, there is a Last Supper.

And lest we forget: Baked Alaska, Senate Bean Soup, dirty rice, hoagie, bear claw. . .

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